Q:  How often should I get a massage?

 A:  There is no single answer to this question.  Some people enjoy going weekly, others bi-weekly, and still others monthly, which is most common.  It really depends on what you can afford and whether you are seeking pain relief or relaxation/stress relief.  Whatever you prefer, remember that there is no such thing as too much massage.

Q:  What should I wear during a massage?

A:  Clients are always draped with a sheet during massage to ensure their privacy.    With this assurance, some people remove everything while others prefer to keep their under garments on.  For the therapist, the less you wear, the easier it is to perform the massage.    However, the most important thing is your ability to relax during the session.  So, what you remove depends on your personal level of comfort.  If you have concerns, you should discuss this with your therapist before the session begins.

 Q:  Should I give a tip?

 A:  Some establishments have specific policies regarding tipping.  Here, tips are always appreciated, but never expected.


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