About Me

Many people have asked me why I chose to become a massage therapist.  There are actually two aspects to the answer.  First, I enjoy helping others.  Second, since childhood an eye condition, macular degeneration, has progressively reduced my ability to see.  After being forced into an early retirement a few years ago, I decided to become a massage therapist.  It is an ideal profession for me because my visual limitation does not prevent me from providing valuable services.  In fact, my well developed sense of touch has actually proved to be a valuable asset.  In addition, some of my female clients have admitted that they feel more comfortable knowing that I can’t see them very well.

 I have been licensed in Florida since August, 2002, and have been trained in a variety of modalities, including Thai/Yoga massage and myofascial release.  I have a very strong commitment to providing highly professional services in a safe environment.

image Please contact me with any further questions you might have.


Florida license #: MA 36406